Custom Butcher FAQs

How do I schedule my hog or beef for processing and butcher orders? 

You can call Country Grown and someone will assist you in scheduling your animal for processing.  We will also be offering a Fast Pass at an additional cost of $200/beef and $50/hog, ensuring your beef or hog is processed within four weeks.  This will allow you the option of having your meat processed earlier rather than the standard first available slot.  Beef will be scheduled on Monday and Fridays.  Hogs will be scheduled on Tuesdays.  If you routinely have a hog or beef processed, you have the option of annual scheduling slots. 

How long does it take to process a hog and beef for me to receive my meat?

Beef typically hang for 10-14 days to dry age in the cooler and then will proceed to processing and packaging.  Hogs can be processed as early as one day from entering the facility.  All cured products will take another week for processing and our staff will notify the customers once the cured products are available for pick up.

How long does beef dry age?

Most beef will dry age for 10-14 days depending on the size and the amount of fat cover on the carcass.

How much meat to expect after processing?

On average the dressing percentage from live weight to hanging weight is 62% and the dry aging/trim loss percentage from hanging weight to take home weight is roughly 25-30% using most of the cuts.  Grinding the entire half/side of beef the percentage from hanging weight to take home weight will be roughly 40-50%.  There is a 10 lb. minimum request on all orders of hamburgers, sausage patties, sausages, brats and seasoned products.

Can I split a beef with a friend/family member?

Yes, splitting half allows you half of all the cuts available in both the front and the hind quarters of a beef.  A beef can also be split in quarters, however, some of the cuts may not be available. 

Can I split a hog with a friend/family member?

Yes, you can also split a hog with a friend/family member.  Half of the cuts will be available. 

Can I purchase a half of beef or hog directly from Country Grown?

Yes, you may purchase a whole, half, or a quarter of beef as well as a whole or half of hog from us for custom processing.  Roaster pigs are also available.Please call our office and we will assist you with your order and cut preferences. 

How will my meat be packaged?

All custom orders are vacuum sealed to ensure freshness.  Ground hamburger and sausage will be in 1lb. or 2 lb. bags, depending on your preference. 

What size of freezer do I need for a half of beef?

A half side of beef should fit into 8-10 cubic ft freezer.

What do I need to take my meat home?

A half side of beefor a whole hog will easily fit into a trunk of an average size sedan or in the rear of a SUV.

Do I need to bring coolers or containers to transport my meat home?

We will place your meat packages in large plastic bags.  You may wish to bring coolers, but it is not necessary unless you are traveling a long distance.  You may also wish to bring containers to keep the meat from shifting in your vehicle.

How long can meat be stored in a freezer?

On average we recommend you should use the meat in your freezer within one year of processing.  Cured products should be used within 3 months after processing.